Silver Springs Basin Restoration Working Group Alliance

Farmers found to supply most food.
Blaming farmers may switch to Utilities as Rules Change.

Major Beef Cattle Ranching operation said to expand in Marion County.  Marion County has land and water, perfect match for Farming.

Billion Gallons of fresh water is sent out of county daily from the aquifer.  

Silver and Rainbow Springs overflow 1 Billion Gallons daily out to the  Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico. 

Ocala Best Economic Development Award  Adena Springs Ranch

Governor Scott helps his Florida achieve healthy economic goals.  Agriculture is an important part of the economic effort.
Practice of sending 100% of pure spring water to the oceans is questioned by Springs Protection Director.
10% of Rainbow and Silver Springs water is ordered to be used to recharge the aquifer.
We have been asking for too long, now it is time to contact legislators in an effort to replenish the aquifer with water that would otherwise go to the ocean and gulf. 
Cowboys raise beef, fishermen harvest shellfish and fish.  Right now 100% of our Silver and Rainbow Springs water is going to the Fishermen, we say at least 10% must go to the Cowboys.
Adena Cattle Ranch must be allowed 10 million gallons and paid to use it on their pastures.  That would keep the Processed Sewer Effluent out of our drinking water and rebuild the aquifer with clean spring water. 
Water Czar: Florida's Conservation Coalition is recognizing environmentalist who do not use the creation of an "Environmental Crisis" to achieve their financial goals.  Professors, governmental employees, environmental consultants, 501 c(3) HT Odum type groups all are paid to be active in environmental causes.  Protection of pollution sources has become big business.  The Silver Springs Alliance of Save Silver Springs, and Team Conservation is bring these environmental abusive situations to light. 

Florida Department of Agriculture Holds Meeting
Agricultural Water Policy Council asked to consider wasted water at Gainesville Sewer Plant

For years Farmers have been blamed for Gainesville Utilities type processed sewer effluent discharges.  New Rules may put blame where it belongs with the Utilities.
Discuss sources of water and economic consequences.
Excess water at Kanapaha Sewer Plant servicing the University of Florida must be discarded daily at the rate of 10 million gallons daily.
Processed sewer effluent is a big problem and Gainesville dumps millions of gallons daily as an old Bad Management Practice. 
Marion County environmental expert Don Browning asks the difficult questions:  
Why do we waste 10 million gallons of nutrient loaded Processed Sewer Effluent daily when we have a water shortage?
Waste not want not, is the old addage, added to the Funding problems facing tax payers spent annually to the army of "Environmentalist EMergy" experts making an outstanding living studing the problem caused by the dumping of processed sewer waste.
Blaming the farmer for Gainesville Utility waste is getting old. Click here for the rest of the story.


Just in:  It is with Deep Joy!!! the anti development group at DEP has been stopped.  It is with Deep Joy that we will not be able to fund the anit jobs program known as Springs Protection.  No single program has killed so many jobs and caused economic problems in Florida as the anti growth program did.  Well meaning people were tricked into thinking that the springs could be cleared up with talk and more regulation on the general population.  In reality it is the dumping of Processed Sewer Effluent by Gainesville Utilities at the Kanapaha Sewer Plant that is introducing 6 million gallons of processed sewer effluent every day.  In addition Billions of gallons of Gainesville Storm water with High Nitrate Loads are directed to the Alachua Sink Hole.  Anti Growth people know about the Utilities Dumping but are able to distract people from the real cause of algae in our springs.  We have mounted a program to require utilities to declare the amount of discharge so they can't blame families for the city problems.  Dr Howard Odum who started the Center for Wetlands Study at the University of Florida in 1973, was the first to miss the Utility Point Source dumping by the City of Ocala drainage wells that were installed for cheap storm sewer pipes over 40 years ago.  Study after study has missed the big Kanapaha Dumping and the Ocala Dumping.  Springs Protection working groups have expanded studies to bring to the attention of the paid professionals the dumping that is now known to be the Prime Point Source causing springs problems in central Florida.  

 Much of the new Gobal Ecology Sustainable Development political theory was pioneered by Dr Howard Odum.  Current students of the "more than Emperical" analogy based work by Dr Odum and his students is currently under fire by Springs Protection activist.

Nobel Prize winner for Physics Ivar Giaever.

Funding is beginning to flow away from followers of Dr. Odum and his Global View of early Systems.  Ecological Analog Modeling approach to ecology creating a new comparison to OHMS Law.  It is speculated that actual point source input to Dr. Odum's models were troublesome to achieving desired theoretic results and as actual point source discharge of pollutants by local utilities were ignored in the studies.  There is an effort by students to follow Dr Odum to create an actual institute at the University of Florida however that bay be problematic in light of point source discrepancies in Dr. Odum's work to impact Social Progress.   Science adjusted to promote a social agenda seems to be under fire in recent years according to 

The University of Florida is actively studying the problem and may be able to shed light on why Dr Odum was unable to even detect the point source dumping of Storm Sewer Discharge created during his study years.  Even scientist that followed Dr Odum missed the big point source discharge to the Silver River known to just about everybody in the environmental business.  St Johns Water Management District even got into the stumble of shame with their 50 Year Retro Study that missed the point source discharge just a few yards from their 1200 meter test station.  The study failed to address the dumping just 50 meters away at the mouth of Half Mile Creek that emptied the City of Ocala's 60 inch Monster Pipe.  

Many years of anti growth deception by official study groups are the target of citizen groups.  Water Management Districts budgets for such studies have been targeted by the Legislature and cuts of 30% have been directed toward the water districts  stop the anti growth movement.

Senator Alan Hays has been our champion in stopping the harmful programs developed under 10 years of Springs Protection.


Senator Hays receives the TeamConservation Man of the Year Award, and the title of Honorary Water Czar for uncovering harm caused by the anti growth hijacking of springs protection.


Senator Hays was honored to be able to welcome Governor Scott with to the Villages Signing of the Jobs Budget that stripped the funding from the Axis of Unemployment.

Citizens celebrate the end to jobs killing anti economic growth funding to Springs "Acorn Style" Groups.



Save Silver Springs Sponsors include:


 Saving Silver Springs is complex and exciting.  Marion County EDC and TDC of Marion County team up with the Marion Sun Times and the Villages News to revitalize Central Florida.

Rick Scott's efforts to revitalize Florida's Economy receives figures and analysis from Water Expert Don Browning.

Thanks for all the questions and positive responses, to the recent article in the Marion Sun Times.  Editor Don Browning breaks down the numbers as readers realize that a billion gallons of the worlds finest mineral water is sent to the Atlantic and Gulf daily out of Marion County alone?
At a $1.50 per a thousand gallons that is $150,000 daily.  That is 8 billion bottles of drinking water at the 7-11.  
That is $800,000,000 in revenue if just 10% of the springs out put is used at $1, but what if the bottles were sold at 10¢ each?

If bottles are sold at 10¢ a bottle that is $80 million dollars daily in revenue just from our county.  

If we look at just Silver Springs and taking 10% of the flow, that is $40 million dollars daily.  Think about those numbers a while.
1,000,000,000 gallons daily

x 8 bottles at 16 oz per bottle = 8,000,000,000 bottles or $8 billion dollars at $1 dollar per bottle.

At 10¢ per bottle that is $800,000,000 daily.

At 10% of the Flow for drinking water and 90% to continue flowing that would be $80,000,000 daily.

Taking 10% of the flow to recharge the aquifer instead of using processed sewer effluent, that leaves 80% or 800,000,000 gallons of fresh water to refresh the Ocean and Gulf of Mexico using The rivers to transport the fresh water to the Sea. 



Governor Rick Scott economic recovery effort is given a boost with the appointment of Florida Environmental leader Herschel Vinyard Jr. as the new DEP Secretary.

Team Conservation gives the appointment of Mr. Herschel Vinyard Jr. a double "thumbs Up". 


Florida Water CzarSustainable Development, is slowing and sometimes stopping the Economic Life in Florida.  DCA anti economic growth policies are coming under attack by legislators.   Silver Springs Working Group takes Environmental Concerns away from the Anti Economic DEP springs protection spokesman group.
Formerly a leader in the House then Representative Alan Hays and now Senator Alan Hays, addresses Utility Discharge Deposits building up in the Floridan Aquifer.  Senator Hays is working to reform DEP in order to avoid EPA controls.  We have a chance to get our own house in order.  We don't need EPA setting Florida Policy.
Senator Charles Dean asks for House Support from Leadership.  Old Springs Protection attempted to cast regular Floridans out in the country as problematic because of septic tanks.  Actually, it was discovered that the Urban Utilities were the primary source of Discharge to the Springs.  Legislators in both houses are asking Bad Management Practices by Regulated Utilities to end.  Both Sewer Plants and Storm Sewer Systems have been found to be the cause of Nitrate loading in our springs. Alan Hays has declared a willingness to continue his work in the Florida Senate.  
Representatives Alan Hays and Ralph Poppell  worked to effect funding cuts needed to end abuses of state springs protection system.    Citizens ask for an investigation.  Senator Alan Hays will address spending by FDEP and DCA.  We must take control of Florida issues or the Feds will take over Florida Government.  Remember State's Rights is a never ending battle when it comes to an EPA style takeover.

Springs Protection may get a boost from the failing economy.  Funds used to protect Utility Discharge Rights are at risk, and Legislators say that the liberal anti growth effort may help kill the funding of DCA type anti economic growth programs.  Senator Dean wants effluent "spread on the ground" rather than pumped into the drinking water aquifer, so nature can clean contaminants.  We must protect the Drinking Water Aquifer.  Septic Tanks may soon be evaluated fairly by FDEP scientist.  Currently Nitrate Nutrients are measured as they leave the distribution box, Before the System has a chance to process the Effluent.  Sewer Utilities have been measured after the Effluent has been processed.  Legislators are asking that both systems are evaluated equally.  Springs Protection Directors ask that SB 550 be overturned.  Senator Charlie Dean is the best hope for reform of SB 550 declared Director Steve Hunter. Constitutional questions are creating peer review status for much of the recent science that was pushed by the new improved motorized septic tanks.  Tallahassee jumped the gun and now must change course because of details about the new costly systems.



Oil floats on water with an Isotropic tensor of 0. At Silver Springs Attraction in Marion County Florida, 17 acres of parking has discharged hydrocarbons on to the water surface for decades.  FDEP has been asked to fix the 20 year problem of Attraction Parking Acreage polluting Silver Springs and River. See Fix Storm Water .com

Public Health Dangers of Sewer Water disposed of in Drinking Water Aquifer. Utilities say it is beneficial recharge. Can we trust FDEP and the Utilities? Senators ask the citizens for input.

Heart of Florida Leadership pulls out the stops in helping to create a strong Economic Recovery, by clearing government and agencies out of the way.  EDC of Marion County is leading the way to recovery.

Old Bad Management Practices are slowly changing.  Every year we gain awareness of BMP's that have delivered nitrates to the springs for far too long.  Agreeing that the problems have been studied to death, Legislators and the courts are focusing on the big Utility Discharge Practices.

Legislators close in on Utility Discharge practices. Old Bad Management Practices are changing for the better.

City of Ocala asked to control Utility Discharge.
Ocala is setting new standards that will filter Storm Sewer Runoff before entering the Aquifer.

Rinker Tank Clean out Pit discharge is to be required to stop all drainage into the Storm Sewer Retention Pond built by the City of Ocala and DOT because of Active Sink Holes caused during construction.

Federal District Judge Hinkle is requiring nitrate standards for Florida through the EPA, that will help end nitrate discharge into the underground pipeline to Silver Springs.  We must reorganize DEP in order to keep EPA out of Florida.

The City of Ocala, DOT, FDEP all will benefit from the new Nitrate discharge Standards requirement.   Citizens are no longer blamed for the nitrate increase and Algae Bloom in Silver Springs.  The New DEP is now joining with citizens in demanding at least a standard for nitrate pollution be set to avoid EPA in Florida Government.  No Springs Protection is possible without better control of city and county utility use of sink holes to discharge pollutants.  Recent inspections of the sink holes by senior Legislators is going to be helpful in protecting Silver Springs.

Recent discussions by the Legislative Delegation officials calls into question the double standard that has existed for decades.  Senator Steve Oelrich expressed outrage that utilities could be using sinkholes and drainage wells in modern times.  Simple filters will help with the problem.

Below are some of the dump sites used by Ocala Utilities for decades to discharge Storm Sewer Contaminates into Silver Springs.  We are not happy to have to reveal this double standard, because as citizens learn of the reasons for algae in Silver Springs they begin to wonder if they can trust government.  Thousands of acres of urban storm sewer collection goes into the same limestone pipelines under the city of Ocala.  Sink Holes are bound to be the result because of the Acid Nature of "Acid Rain".  The money saved by not laying pipe to Silver Springs for the discharge to travel in, may result in polluted drinking water raising utility rates and costly sink holes for property owners.

FDEP may stop direct dump sites to Silver Springs.
Acid Rain in storm water causes reaction with limestone resulting in more sink holes.

Silver Springs Working Group . Com, learn why Ocala, and Gainesville utilities must stop using sink holes to discard contaminants. FDEP Called on Carpet and asked to help stop discharge of pollutants.

City of Ocala Utility Authorities continue to give lip-service to algae problems in Silver Springs while continuing to use old Sink holes and drainage wells to discard contaminants.

Talk about how fertilizers can soak into Karst Geology is considered misinformation because the pipes dump directly into the ground water.  There is no need for soaking in to reach the ground water.  Why would trusted government workers intentionally mislead the citizens?

The Attraction at Silver Springs is failing because  City of Ocala is allowed to dump Tons of Nitrates in Aquifer just up stream of Famed Attraction.

Citizens ask DEP officials to at least document harm caused by city so citizens across Marion County won't continue to be blamed for the algae caused by City Storm Sewer dumping.

Fixing Storm Water Problems is better than passing a new regulation on homeowners. No mater what, authorities must stop the dumping of storm sewer runoff into the Aquifer.

Springs Protection efforts have turned toward newly publicised pollution sources in the City of Ocala.  The City and County Storm Sewer System must continue to improve by ending Bad Management Practices of dumping into sink holes and drain pipes to the Floridan Aquifer.

 Citizens across Marion County are no longer blamed as the polluter.  Exempt Zones such as the City of Ocala have been asked to address pollution sources.  City Leaders are not likely to ask their citizens to agree to new regulation on fertilizer, for example, so the City Storm Sewer System can continue to dump runoff directly into the Aquifer.

County Storm Water Staff has spent thousands on a campaign to convence home owners that they should stop fertilizing their lawn so Storm Sewer Systems can continue dumping into Sink Holes in and near Ocala.

Commissioners have asked the Cities of MARION COUNTY to adopt the ordinances that the Ocala Star Banner has been promoting for the past few years.  The news paper is in financial free fall, partly as a result of New York Times financial stock value collapse.  More regulation on home owners and a constant anti-develop strategy has flattened an already week local economy.  

Fixing Storm Water problems in Ocala will actually help the local economy by promoting a healthy Silver Springs, and reviving a less regulated local economy.  Commissioners are leaning away from the idea that something needs to be passed to keep the Ocala Star Banner happy!

Silver Springs Basin Working Group needs you!

Many Marion County Citizens join in to support our springs.

Fixing very old Bad Management Practices will clean up Silver Springs and Silver River.

Springs Protection is worth giving your time.

Welcome graphic

Citizens from across Marion County unite to help clean up pollution sources.

Regulated Utilities are the biggest source of Pollution.
No more excuses. No more covering up.
1. Storm Sewer Dumping must end.
2. Stormwater engineers to stop coverup of polluters.
3. Use of Sink Holes to dump unwanted Storm Sewer Runoff must stop.
4. Ocala must stop sending any runoff to the springs.
5. Scientist studing Silver Springs pollution must admit they know about industrial Drains and Monster Pipe.
6. We must clean up the Davis Land Fill and the Unlined Baseline Land Fill.
7. The Silver Springs Attraction must filter pollutants before dumping in Silver Springs.
8. No more wasted money with meetings among government employees to discuss political plans on government time.
9. Kanapaha Sewer Treatment must stop injecting waste water into our Floridan Aquifer, just up stream from Marion County.
10. Marion County Storm Water employees must disclose all sink holes currently being used to dump storm water into the Aquifer.  The Springs Protection Land use plan must show all dump sites and cover all of Marion County.
With these 10 steps, we can stop the algae buildup in Silver Springs.

Our Mission

Citizens of Marion County have pledged to help DEP,DOT, Dept of Health and county/city governments to actually clean up the Springs of Marion County.

We have plenty of laws that are not being enforced.
No more new laws are needed. We must enforce current laws on Government Polluters.

Becoming a Member

Call 352 233-7990 to join Marion Springs Protection.

Marion Sun Times Editor

Ocala Must Harvest Nutrient Storm Water.
City of Ocala struggles with old bad management practices, but benefits financially.

Questions or comments? Get in touch with us at: 352 233 7990.

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